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In the event you have received an order from Eight Stacks Brewing Co. and it is not how it should be due to damage, poor quality, poor craftsmanship or otherwise, please contact Eight Stacks through the official channels (email or phone) to make us aware as soon as possible. We understand that some faults may not be recognised until after the consumer has opened the product. Claims for the above will be handled in the following manners:

1.1 - Claims within The First 7 Days

If a fault in the product has been identified within 7 days of receiving the goods and Eight Stacks has been made aware, the customer will be given the option to return to Eight Stacks for a full refund including freight. Freight will be calculated as the cost of sending only the faulty product (i.e: if the customer ordered a pallet and had 1 faulty product the customer will not be refunded the freight on the whole pallet).

1.3 - Returns After 7 Days

If the fault in the product has been identified after 7 days, the product will either need to be returned to Eight stacks for assessment or adequate photos and description provided. We will assess the fault and reply within 48 hours with a possible solution.

3.0 Refunds / Replacements

Refunds or replacements will only be issued once goods have been returned and received by our warehouse. We cannot refund goods/or send replacement goods until the product being refunded/replaced has been received by our warehouse in good order.

Please note, if you persist and use the wort kit after the defect becomes apparent, you waive your rights under these terms and conditions and accept the items as they are. We cannot return or refund such items.

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