Brewing Tips

How to easily brew using a Fresh Wort Kit

Experiment with different yeasts for different results, try adding lemon or lime right before packaging.

Remember that your fruit will raise your SG, adding lactose will also create some delicious flavours.

Milk stout:
For best results let me age in keg or bottles.

Base Beer:
Try adding fruit instead of or along with your hops.

Summer Ale:
I can handle a larger dry hop then what is recommended.

Pale Ale:
If you like a malt driven ale do not add my recommended dry hop.

Session Ale:
Add finnings and ferment at the lower end of recommended temperature for super clear results.

Session IPA:
Try a double dry hop one after 3 days of fermentation and another once fermentation is complete.

Single Hop Blonde:
This beer even with it is recommend dry hop isn’t super hoppy so go crazy with dry hop amount.

Amber Ale:
Add a large dry hop to try and mimic a red IPA.

Brown Ale:
Try racking into secondary fermenter and adding oak chips.

Aussie Bitter:
Different yeasts will yield different results.

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